The Puffer Test

Measuring Intra-Ocular Pressures (or Puffer Test)

Regular eye examinations are extremely important as there is a far greater chance of successfully treating any visual problem if it is detected at an early stage.


What is commonly referred to as the ‘Puffer Test’ is actually a process known as tonometry which measures the IOP (intra-ocular pressure), or fluid pressure inside the eye. The most commonly used option for a number of years has been the Pulsair method, as there is no direct contact with the front surface of your eye, all you will feel is a quick ‘puff’ of air. This method is painless but in rare cases, the anticipation of the ‘puff’ can sometimes cause anxiety.

However, it is a vital part of the eye examination; increased pressure can sometimes indicate the onset of glaucoma, a common yet potentially serious problem if not detected and treated. What this means (in plain-speaking) is that this part of the eye examination should not be avoided.

Clyde View Opticians uses the latest state-of-the-art tonometry equipment to ensure that this part of the examination is as comfortable as possible for you.

(Please note that in some instances, contact tonometry (with topical anaesthetic) may need to be undertaken but this is case-dependent.)


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